Kentucky Board of Trustees

Larry Cox

Larry Cox spent a career in public service before retiring to be a gentleman farmer on his 100 acres along the Green River. Inspired by the river’s beauty and value to local communities, Cox dedicates countless hours to influencing policy, raising funds and building awareness in an effort to improve the health of the Green for generations to come, including as a member of The Nature Conservancy's Kentucky Board of Trustees..

When did you become involved in conserving the Green River?

As state director for Senator McConnell, I helped The Nature Conservancy and their partners secure funding for an ecological survey of the Upper Green River back in the 1990s. This work documented the river’s unique characteristics, including the presence of endangered wildlife found nowhere else in the world.

This wasn’t the last time your path would cross with The Nature Conservancy.

Over the years I assisted, in a professional capacity, with projects that would benefit the Green’s ecology. That included helping to establish Kentucky’s Green River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program which enrolled 100,000 acres in wildlife habitat. I also facilitated discussions with the Army Corps of Engineers about managing Green River Lake Dam releases to better support nature. These efforts eventually drew me into a role on the Conservancy’s Board of Trustees.

How does it all fit into retirement?

I retired to dedicate more time to this work, especially in pursuit of two goals: 1) transferring lessons learned about operating the Green River Lake Dam to dams located on the Barren, Nolin and Rough rivers; and 2) removing antiquated locks and dams that no longer meet their original navigational purpose. I also try to lead by example on my farm.