Conservation Resolutions 2017

We asked our staff, “How do you resolve to advance the Conservancy's mission in Kentucky during 2017?” See what they said.

"Community and economic development in Eastern Kentucky is extremely important to me. In 2017, I see our chapter expanding the important work we do in forest conservation in Eastern Kentucky, particularly with regard to sustainable forest initiatives and forest carbon sequestration projects." Danna Baxley, Director of Conservation

"I’m most looking forward to getting back to work in 2017 and continuing to steward our very generous donors who support all the work we do year-round. We have so many wonderful projects on the ground and I plan to connect our supporters with these projects and all of our successes. I also resolve to spend more time in nature--at lakes and forests and nature preserves located throughout Kentucky." Cathy Galante, Director of Philanthropy

"I look forward to expanding the partnerships we have forged in pursuit of a better understanding of our dependence on nature through scientific approaches that include testing the theory that trees improve the health of our communities." Chris Chandler, Director of Urban Conservation

"More than ever, the Conservancy’s reasoned, apolitical, and collaborative approach to conservation will be the foundation upon which all of our successes are built. I resolve to rededicate myself to outcomes like soil-building sustainable agriculture, enhanced nature-based tourism opportunities, and stewardship of our freshwater resources. I plan to work with any and all who will join me in those efforts!" Mike Hensley, Green River Program Director

"I look forward to bringing more people outside to see our work firsthand. It’s so important to be able to share our successes with our supporters and there’s no better place to do that than in the field." Alan Monroe, Associate Director of Philanthropy

"I resolve to assist my co-workers in any way needed to further The Nature Conservancy’s mission in 2017." Lisa Morris, Office Manager

"I resolve to advance the Conservancy’s mission by doing my part to increase “good fire” across Kentucky for the benefit of rare and declining ecosystems that future generations should be able to enjoy." Chris Minor, Director of Land Management

"I look forward to enhancing collaboration among federal, state and private agencies and organizations willing to come together to develop a coordinated conservation vision for western Kentucky. We are all individually doing great things, but struggle with limited staff and funds. Never before has the phrase, 'the sum is greater than the individual parts' been more fitting!" Shelly Morris, Western Kentucky Program Director

"I believe the work of The Nature Conservancy has never been more important. I also know that we need the calm, peace, and renewal that being with nature provides. I resolve to speak up for nature, both for its inherent value and for all it provides to us. And I resolve to go camping, swim in rivers, hike through forests, and to open my heart to the sublime wonder and the ordinary beauty of the natural world." David Phemister, State Director



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