Illinois - Indiana

Summer at Kankakee Sands

As you hike through Kankakee Sands’s diverse natural areas during the summer months, the prairies, wetlands and savannas will be teeming with life.

Birders will have a chance to spot bobolinks, Henslow’s and grasshopper sparrows, and dickcissels, all of which breed here in summer. Sandpipers frequent the shallow marshes, and blue grosbeaks can be found building their nests. Meanwhile, northern leopard frogs, Fowler's toads and other amphibians can be found in and around the shallow wetland basins.

The lavender hues of bird's foot violets, bright orange blooms of butterfly weed, delicate white petals of New Jersey tea, and soft pink blooms of beardtongue will decorate the landscape. By July, yellow indigo, purple prairie clover, wild bergamot and wild quinine are all in bloom. In August, the prairies are bursting with New England aster, downy sunflower, blazing star, compass plant and prairie dock.