Kramer Original Woods

Why You Should Visit 

Home to an impressive stand of tall, old-growth hardwoods, Kramer Original Woods is a preserve rich with natural history as well as the history of the namesake's - the Honorable Henry Kramer and family.


Spencer County


Interior Low Plateau


224 Acres


State Nature Preserve, 2003

Owned & Managed By

Division of Nature Preserves

What to See: Plants and Animals

Kramer Original Woods is an old-growth southern hardwood bottomland forest on the high floodplain. Flat and poorly drained, it can also be thought of as a wet lowland forest. Shumard's red oak, shellbark hickory, pin oak, sweet gum, swamp white oak, silver maple and hackberry elm dominant the landscape. Trumpet creeper, spicebush, wood nettle, lizard's tail, moonseed and wild grape create a lush shrub and herb understory.

Henry Kramer Original Woods is not for the tenderfooted. Besides poison ivy, mosquitoes, chiggers and dirty standing waters make this preserve a challenge to visit.

A beautiful but challenging preserve as it has no existing trails. Keep an eye out for poison ivy, mosquitoes, chiggers and standing water.

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Division of Nature Preserves


From Rockport, travel west on S.R. 66 (may be routed as S.R. 61 due to bridge construction) approximately 5 miles to the intersection with U.S. 231. Turn left (south) on U.S. 231 and continue traveling roughly 4 miles to C.R. 300 S. Turn right (west) and travel 1.5 miles to the preserve on the left side of the road.


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