Cline Lake Fen

Cline Lake Fen is a wonderfully diverse wetland is northeastern Indiana.

Why You Should Visit

This high quality wetland showcases open water grading to sedge meadow and fen. From lake to oak woodland, it encompasses a unique slice of our natural heritage. The preserve also includes a gravel "island" surrounded by fen and swamp. This "island" is an overgrown oak savanna that will be restored over time to enhance habitat for rare plants and for the benefit of animals in the wetland.


LaGrange County


North Central Tillplain 


124 Acres

Owned & Managed By

The Nature Conservancy


Garden Clubs of America, Indiana Heritage Trust & Natural Resources Conservation Services

What The Nature Conservancy is Doing/has Done

In order to protect the core preserve, the Conservancy continues to work on acquiring buffer areas around Cline Lake Fen which should protect the preserve from agricultural runoff. We are also working on thinning out the woody species, controlling invasive species and prescribing burns to restore the natural structure of the fen.

What to See: Plants and Animals

The lake and associated wetlands support a rich assemblage of turtles, snakes and amphibians including the Northern leopard frog and spotted turtle. The fens supply a constant supply of cool, clean water to the systems which benefits more than fifteen state threatened species such as purple avens and smooth gooseberry. Rare dragonflies and butterflies thrive in the fen including Baltimore checkerspots, swamp metalmarks and eyed browns.

The preserve is open for visitation, but there are no trails at this time. Also, this site is very wet, so plan your attire accordingly. For more information consult the Conservancy’s Preserves Visitation Guidelines.


From Angola, travel west on U.S. 20 approximately 17 miles (roughly 0.25 mile prior to C.R. 500E) just before Plato. Watch for the wooden preserve sign on the right side of the road and park along the farm lane.


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