Bicentennial Woods

These woods provide habitat for an amazing diversity of plant and animal species.

Why You Should Visit

An old-growth woods that homes oaks, maples and sycamores - some more than 200 years old - and many more species of trees, wildflowers and birds.


Allen County


North Central Tillplain


79 Acres

Owned & Managed By

Acres Land Trust, Inc.


Indiana Heritage Trust

What to See: Plants and Animals

The Bicentennial Woods offers an array of wildflowers - mayapple, bloodroot and drooping trillium for example - and an unusual variety of tree species - including sassafras, slippery elm and flowering dogwood. The wetland and creek offer a happy habitat for salamanders and frogs as well as several bird species like the Yellow-throated vireo, Indigo bunting, Pileated woodpecker, Great Crested flycatcher and the American goldfinch.

The easy to moderate trail roams over a variety of habitats: old-growth woodland, wetland, large and small creeks, old field and pond. The trail is about two-miles long and well-marked for all visitors.

For More Information

Visit the Acres Land Trust, Inc. 


From Fort Wayne, take I-69 to Coldwater Road, turn left (north), and travel about 7.25 miles to Shoaff Road. Turn left (west) and continue for 0.5 mile to the parking lot on the south side of Shoaff Road.


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