Journey with Nature

Native Species

Segments on animal and plants species native to Indiana including those rare & endangered.


Allegheny Woodrat                                             Mosquitoes

Bald Eagle                                                           Pale Purple Coneflower

Blanding's Turtle                                                Paw Paw Trees   

Blazing Star                                                         Peregrine Falcons

Blue Jays                                                             Piping Plover

Bobcats                                                               Plains Pocket Gopher 

Cerulean Warbler                                              Prickly Pear Cactus

Common Loon                                                  Red Foxes

Christmas Fern                                                 Red-tailed Hawk

Fireflies                                                               Regal Fritillary

Freshwater Jellyfish                                         River Otters

Fire Pink Wildflower                                         Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Great Horned Owl                                             Short's Goldenrod

Hellbender Salamander                                 Skunk Cabbage 

Indiana Bats                                                      Spring Beauty

American Eel                                                    Swamp Rabbits

Karner Blue Butterfly                                        Timber Rattlesnake

Kirtland Snake                                                  Whip-poor-will

Least Weasel                                                   Wild White Indigo

Lungless Salamanders                                                          

Mallard Duck  

Monarch Butterfly