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Not everything green is good, especially when it comes to invasive species. Invasive species are considered the second most serious threat to biological diversity after from habitat destruction. Invasive plants not only crowd out native species that are essential parts of Illinois natural areas, they do not provide adequate food or habitat for native birds and other wildlife.

Herbicide use to control invasive species is an important land management strategy. Used in concert with other techniques such as controlled burns, hand pulling of invasive species and bio-control methods, we can help control the spread of invasive plants in our natural areas. In Illinois, volunteers are properly trained and licensed to use herbicide and assist staff with control of these invaders. The videos below cover a variety of tools and techniques relevant to herbicide application. Resources on invasive species management and training are also provided below.

Volunteer Training

Find information on how to obtain your herbicide license.

Resources for Herbicide Use in Natural Areas

Find information on use of herbicides for invasive species control.

Resources for Volunteer Managers and Leaders

Find the current INPC herbicide forms and information on training under the expanded herbicide rules for Illinois.


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