South Fork of the Snake River

The explosive rise of a large cutthroat trout to a dry fly: In itself, this is enough to draw anglers from all over the world. But couple that with a stunning canyon, unbroken vistas and abundant wildlife and you have created a fishing trip to paradise. 

It's what anglers find on the South Fork of the Snake River.

And the best part of all? It's going to stay that way.  

The Nature Conservancy and its partners have worked together to protect almost the entire main South Fork Canyon from development. Conservation easements are voluntary legal agreements in which development rights are sold or donated to the Conservancy in perpetuity while the landowner retains ownership and can continue traditional uses of the land like farming and ranching.

The Conservancy has protected 3062 acres here, part of a 13,200-acre protection effort completed by the Teton Regional Land Trust (TRLT), Conservation Fund, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

In 2004, Allen May of the Conservancy along with Mike Whitfield of TRLT and Mark Elsbree of the Conservation Fund were awarded the BLM's "Conservationists of the Year" Award for the South Fork Project.

The Nature Conservancy also owns a preserve in the South Fork, open to the public.

Birdwatching, fishing, wildlife viewing

Facilities: This is not a staffed preserve. No facilities are available for visitors.


Driving directions

For more info call: (208) 522-4350.


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