Images of Palmyra

Photographer Andrew Wright focuses his lens on Palmyra's terrestrial and marine wildlife.


Palmyra Atoll, April 2015.

Black noddy chick

A young black noddy rests on branches in a Pisonia forest. Palmyra shelters 20,000 black noddies, the largest nesting colony in the central Pacific.

Pisonia tree trunk

Palmyra supports rare stands of Pisonia grandis trees, which reach heights of more than 100 feet while rooted in coral and sand 10 feet above sea level.

Red-footed booby chick

A young red-footed booby peers out from branches of a tree heliotrope at Palmyra.

Coconut crab

The coconut crab is world’s largest terrestrial arthropod. These crabs are rare in most of the Pacific, but at Palmyra the species is protected and flourishing.

Pandanus forest

Pandanus palmyraensis is native to the atoll and one of 750 species of Pandanus trees found in the tropical and subtropical Pacific.

Adult red-footed booby

Palmyra is home to the world’s second largest nesting colony of red-footed boobies, with a population estimated at 6,250 pairs.

Red hermit crab

Palmyra is loaded with crabs, including thousands of red hermit crabs occupying empty sea shells the size of human fists.

White tern

Angelic and curious, white terns are small seabirds that nest in trees. With rats now removed at Palmyra, their numbers are expected to increase.

Brown booby

A brown booby in flight. These beautiful birds nest and roost on the ground and regularly forage in Palmyra’s lagoons.

Small giant clam

The small giant clam can be found at Palmyra living on the surface of reefs or sand or partly embedded in coral, like this one.

Manta ray

Manta rays are a common sight in the atoll’s lagoons, where they feed off the rich nutrients found in the water.


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