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Few places on earth can rival Hawai‘i’s amazing diversity of life. On just eight main islands, with a combined land area of only 6,500 square miles, are all of the world's major ecological zones and more unique species than any place of similar size on Earth.

But Hawai‘i’s rare beauty and natural diversity are exceptionally fragile. Today, the future of this spectacular heritage is severely threatened:

Nearly one-third of the birds and plants on the U.S. Endangered Species List are from Hawai'i.

The islands' fisheries have declined by more than 75% over the past century.

More than half of the islands' native forest cover has been lost.

Hawai'i has the worst invasive species problem of any U.S. state.

Nevertheless, much remains to be saved and can be saved.  The Nature Conservancy is focusing its efforts on these four conservation priorities.




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