Corporate Council for the Environment

In Hawai‘i, the Environment is the Economy

The Corporate Council for the Environment (CCE) was founded in 1987 to engage the business community in supporting conservation in Hawai'i, emphasizing the direct link between the economy and the environment. Since then, this coalition of local businesses has raised more than $4 million to protect Hawaii's natural heritage. We appreciate the generous support of our 2017 CCE members.

Hawaii's Great Natural Wealth Forms the Basis of Our State's Economy

Few places on Earth can rival Hawaii’s natural environment.  From spectacular coral reefs to snow-capped mountain summits, from stark landscapes of barren lava to lush rain forests teeming with life, Hawaii’s natural diversity is among the richest and most varied on the planet.  Our temperate climate and benign environment — free of snakes, poisonous insects and tropical diseases — attracts visitors from around the globe. In fact, more people visit Hawai‘i for the quality of its environment than any other state.  

Hawaii's Environment Needs Corporate Support

Hawaii’s rare beauty and diversity of life are also exceptionally fragile. More species face possible extinction in Hawai‘i than anywhere else in the nation. Nearly one quarter of the plants and animals on the U.S. Endangered Species List are from Hawai‘i. More than half of the Islands’ original native habitat has already been lost. Our coral reefs and coastal marine environment are slowly being degraded by over-fishing, sedimentation, development, marine debris and the spread of alien algae.  If we are to protect Hawaii’s precious natural assets, private support is urgently needed. 

Invest in The Nature Conservancy — The Right Partner For Business

The Conservancy takes a businesslike approach to conservation. We produce tangible results and are accountable. Our reputation for working cooperatively with business, government, and private citizens — balancing the needs of people and nature to achieve realistic conservation results — characterizes our approach.

Join the Corporate Council Today

Companies that donate $2,500 or more to support the work of The Nature Conservancy can become members of the Corporate Council for the Environment.  What we do today, working together, can make all the difference in ensuring a sustainable future for Hawai'i.

For more information about how your company can join, contact Lara Siu at 587-6235 or email