Moods of Moʻomomi

Photos by Richard A. Cooke III

On Moloka‘i's  northwest coast, The Nature Conservancy’s Mo‘omomi Preserve protects one of the last intact coastal beach and sand dune ecosystems in the main Hawaiian Islands. Moʻomomi encompasses 921 acres, and it is here, along the shoreline, that photographer Rikki Cooke regularly comes to capture its many moods and ever-changing beauty. Cooke is a president of the Molokai Land Trust. He is also a Nature Conservancy of Hawaiʻi trustee and former photographer with National Geographic.

The cliffs at Mokio.

Early morning, the shelf at Kaehu Point.

The beach at Kawaʻaloa Bay.

The "Bathtub.”

Daybreak along a rocky shoreline. 

Limu at low tide. 

Moʻomomi shoreline under overcast skies.

Moʻomomi sunset.

Sunrise, the shelf at Kaehu Point.

Waves, sand and light