Cause for Celebration

A Hawaiian Monk Seal is Born

For the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, it was cause for celebration when a new pup was born on Waikīkī Beach. Authorities said they couldn’t recall the last time a monk sea had given birth there.

I've Arrived

With a population as small and precarious as the Hawaiian monk seal's, the arrival of the new pup was something to shout about. .

Staying Close

The new pup and its mother, Rocky, are enjoying the sand at Kaimana Beach at the foot of Diamond Head, where an area has been cordoned off to give them privacy from onlookers.   

Nudging Mom

The pup has been nicknamed “Kaimana.” Authorities say they will not know for another week or two so whether Kaimana is a male or female. If it is female, it will be more good news.     

She's a Rock.  

Mother Rocky was born on Kaua'i in 2000 and began visiting Waikīkī in 2002. She has previously given birth to nine other pups, all of them on the Garden Island.



Let's Play

Over the next several weeks, Rocky will nurse her pup at Waikīkī. During that time, the pup will swim farther and farther out on its own until one day, when it’s about 150 to 200 pounds, Rocky will abandon the pup, leaving it to fend for itself.

Face Time

The good news about the Hawaiian monk seal population is that it is growing. After reaching a low of 1,100 individuals less than a decade ago, the population is now estimated to be about 1,400 individuals.  


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