Why I Give: One Donor's Story

Namrata Kolla has many passions. The soon to graduate Georgia Tech public policy/earth and atmospheric sciences double major plays volleyball, is a Peer Leader and a student tutor. She also has a deep affinity for nature, which led her to volunteer for the Conservancy while in high school in Ohio. For several years Namrata was an essential volunteer for the Conservancy in Georgia and recently began supporting the chapter financially. Namrata continues to be involved with the Conservancy; this summer she will be a GLOBE intern, working in our worldwide office.

Nature is where Namrata finds perspective and where she can challenge herself in ways no textbook can match.

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"If you grow up in a place that doesn’t have a connection to nature, you’ll never know what you’re missing."

-Namrata Kolla, Conservancy Donor and Volunteer

Why do you give to The Nature Conservancy?

Namrata Kolla:

Because I care about the environment and I really like the Conservancy’s strategies. Their holistic approach to conserving entire systems is cool to me. And The Nature Conservancy is practical, which not a lot of environmental organizations can boast. They know what they’re doing and they see the big picture.

What is your favorite place in nature?

Namrata Kolla:

I would say Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s just beautiful. You can see nothing but mountains back to back for miles. I recently went backpacking there with friends. We were on Cold Mountain and it was so quiet and serene, with fog rolling in over the ridge. I felt just how powerful nature is. That place grounded me for sure.

What’s your favorite memory or experience in nature?

Namrata Kolla:

It was on the same trip, which was my first long-term backpacking experience. We got to the bottom of Stairs Mountain, which rises nearly 6,000 feet. I was exhausted so I just focused on getting to the top. I was just staring down at my feet, taking baby steps and not even looking around. And then suddenly the line stops and I look up to see we’re at the summit. I lost my breath – I couldn’t believe I did it. It was a huge sense of fulfillment. The effort was really symbolic. Sometimes the only way to get to where you want to go is to put your head down and work.

What is your wish for nature?

Namrata Kolla:

Being a student in Atlanta, I live in the urban jungle. I wish people here would invest more in urban and roof gardens and community green spaces. It’s important that people experience nature to remind them of exactly what’s at stake. If you grow up in a place that doesn’t have a connection to nature, you’ll never know what you’re missing. Or worse, you’ll feel like something’s missing from your life but will never be able to put your finger on it.


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