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Get to the root of tree knowledge. Here's where to start!

If Trees Could Sing

Watch a video about the project produced by ArtsATL and the G Channel.


There is a wealth of information on the web about trees ranging from scientific research to simple ways to identify trees. Check out our If Trees Could Sing partner, Trees Atlanta, for great resources and volunteer opportunities, and see below for some of the best information available about trees. Return to the musician videos.

See a map of the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum, featuring the If Trees Could Sing artists!

If Trees Could Sing is in Tennessee too! Learn more here.

What Tree Is That?

Take our native trees quiz to see how well you know Georgia's trees.

Websites and smartphone apps that help you identify a tree quickly and easily:

  • The Arbor Day Foundation has step-by-step questions to identify trees
  • VTree ID for smartphones (Virginia Tech University)
  • LeafSnap for iPhone (Columbia University, University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institution)

A Very Good Tree Book

  • A Natural History of North American Trees by Donald Culross Peattie (Houghton Mifflin, 2007).

Fun for Children, Families and Classrooms

Resources for Teachers

  • Looking for educational lesson plans and activities on trees and forests for students? The Nature Conservancy’s Nature Works Everywhere site has an excellent lesson plan focused on Urban Trees.
  • Tree Facts (.pdf) about many of the tree species featured in If Trees Could Sing videos.

Planting Your Own Tree

Planting Many Trees!

  • The Nature Conservancy is restoring trees across the United States. The Plant a Billion Trees program is rejuvenating iconic forests in key locations. The Nature Conservancy is making sure each dollar donated can have the most effect on creating healthy forest habitat by using two methods: planting tree seedlings in areas that have been highly degraded, and assisting the natural regeneration of the forest by removing barriers to the forest’s ability to heal itself.

Caring for Your Tree

  • The International Society of Arboriculture has helpful fact sheets on benefits of trees and guidance for management throughout the life of a tree — from tree selection, to planting, to mature tree care. 

Benefits of Trees — What can trees do for you? A lot!

  • See a handy and detailed list of tree benefits from the Alliance for Community Trees. It includes footnoted citations for those who want to check facts.
  • One big benefit of trees is the way they absorb stormwater from rainfall and then filter out pollutants. That keeps our drinking water cleaner. This EPA publication explains how trees can be used to manage city stormwater

Stop Tree Pests!
Many of America’s trees are being destroyed by non-native insects and diseases. These foreign invaders are removing entire species of trees from our forests and neighborhoods, threatening our air, water, economies and quality of life.

To learn more about how you can help identify and fight tree pests, visit these sites:


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