Protecting Oceans and Coasts

Florida’s iconic coastal scenery is what many people envision when they think of the state -- gorgeous beaches, beautiful blue waters, mangrove forests, wildlife, and recreation. Residents and visitors cherish Florida’s coasts and oceans. Our 1,200 miles of coastline are far more than beautiful playgrounds -- Florida’s coasts include some of the world’s most productive reefs, bays, and estuaries that support plant and animal diversity, and contribute nearly $562 billion each year to our economy. Yep, that's billions.

Keeping our oceans and coasts healthy is a critical part of our work here and around the world. The oceans are a support system that sustain us – providing half of the oxygen we breathe.

We’re working to balance ocean conservation with the needs of people, and reduce threats to our communities and nature along our shores, including loss of coastal habitat, pollution, overfishing, and impacts from climate change including flooding, erosion and rising, warmer more acidic seas.

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Our Blowing Rocks Preserve, with its ancient limestone rock formation along the Atlantic Ocean is one of nature’s gems, inspiring our commitment to marine conservation in Florida starting in 1969. Since then, we’ve helped to protect nearly 30 thousand acres of shoreline just along our Gulf Coast, from the Keys to the panhandle. Science and research provide a solid foundation for our work, informing which areas need protection or restoration to maintain functioning natural systems.

With more shoreline than any state in the contiguous U.S. and growing populations in our coastal cities, Florida’s economy, health and quality of life are tightly linked to the health of our ocean and coasts. Natural features like sand dunes, marshes, oyster reefs, coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangroves, provide many benefits – they help absorb wave action and storm surge to reduce flooding, they support our economy and provide opportunities for recreation, offer habitat and nurseries for coastal wildlife, and even purify our water. The Conservancy is dedicated to protecting and restoring natural habitats along our coasts, implementing nature-based solutions to help minimize risk to coastal communities while boosting economic livelihoods that depend on our oceans.

The health of our oceans and coastal systems is essential to our economy and our future. The stakes are high. Everyone who needs or loves the ocean has a role to play. That’s all of us!

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