2014 LEAF Interns in Florida

The Disney Wilderness Preserve hosted five LEAF interns from New York City for the third year.

The Nature Conservancy's Disney Wilderness Preserve in Florida hosted five LEAF interns from New York City in 2014. Enjoy this slideshow of their adventures.

LEAF interns learn about the kinds of equipment needed in order to have a controlled burn. These burns are vital for Florida’s fire dependent habitats.

Disney Wilderness Preserve Steward Kaiden Spurlock catches a black racer snake for the group during a water break from trail work.

LEAF interns take a break from 101 degrees weather before completing 286 acres of invasive species monitoring.

The invasive cogan grass is easy to spot because it is much brighter than the surrounding grass. LEAF interns found this new patch during a day of invasive species monitoring.

With a compass and GPS in hand, LEAF intern Linda takes on the challenge of invasive species monitoring feet first.

Interns spot an endangered scrub jay with help from with LEAF coordinator Dan Cole.

LEAF intern Fairuz uses a compass and GPS to track invasive species on The Disney Wilderness Preserve in Kissimmee, Florida.

LEAF intern Julia is all smiles as she learns about working on a prescribed burn at The Disney Wilderness Preserve.

The LEAF crew takes a break from trail work to admire Patrick Creek on the Tiger Creek Reserve today.

LEAF interns explore an oak hammock during their tour of The Disney Wilderness Preserve.