Ponders Tract Restoration

Since acquiring Ponders Tract Preserve, The Nature Conservancy in Delaware has worked to reclaim the coastal hardwood forests that once covered much of this area. In March 2017, a group of volunteers dawned waterproof boots and work gloves to help us restore Atlantic white cedars.

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Our volunteers helped plant more than 600 Atlantic White Cedar seedlings — a tree that provides important habitat for songbirds. 

Atlantic White Cedars require low, wet habitat and thrive at places like Ponders Tract.

The group also installed deer fencing around the planting area to prevent over browse within the newly established forestlands. 

Students from Cape Henelopen High School lent a hand planting cedars.

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and staff, Ponders Tract continues to flourish as a habitat for birds, amphibians, snakes and an array of dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies.

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