Supporting Long Island Sound

Why I Give: One Donor's Story

Here's one supporter's inspiring story of her lifelong love of nature. What's your story?

Each contributor to The Nature Conservancy has a story about why they give back to nature—to leave a legacy, to support our mission, to help protect our world.

For Connecticut resident (and new Conservancy trustee) Elizabeth McCance, it's about her passion for Long Island Sound. “I’ve sailed the Sound my whole life, so it has a special place in my heart."

Read her story below and then share your own story to inspire others as you have inspired us!

For Conservancy supporter Elizabeth McCance, conservation is a family tradition. She tracked wolves in Alaska and traveled to Africa before finishing high school.

Elizabeth later became a champion of regional, collaborative approaches to conservation while on staff at Chicago Wilderness.

“It seemed obvious that whole systems were the future,” she says. “Different organizations had protected little parcels of land, but the threats were too big. And we were losing the battle.”

The conservancy caught Elizabeth’s attention for having the science and scope to tackle those big challenges. After moving to Connecticut, she immediately became active with the Long Island Sound Program.

“Long Island Sound is an example of the need for a systems approach: You can’t fence in a piece of water and protect it.”

“You’re a leader in the field,” says Elizabeth of the Conservancy. “You have the reputation to be a catalyst to other stakeholders. We need that.”