Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module

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Watch a video from Fox31 in Denver about prescribed fire at the Fossil Creek Reservoir Regional Open Space.


The Module is a team of skilled and mobile personnel dedicated to helping restore Colorado's forests with safe, scientifically-designed controlled burns.


The Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module was created in April 2008 to help restore Colorado's forests with safe, scientifically-designed controlled burns on thousands of acres.

The Module also provides prescribed fire training to a wide range of partners and assists federal agencies in allowing naturally-ignited wildland fires to burn in ways that will help restore hundreds of thousands of additional acres.

When conditions do not allow for the safe and effective use of fire, the Module implements other kinds of hazardous fuel reduction treatments and aids in wildland fire suppression.

Building an Impressive Track Record 

Since its inception, the Module has implemented 60+ prescribed burns across the country, manually treated more than 16,000 acres of forests through mechanical thinning and the use of prescribed fire, participated in more than 45 wildland fire assignments around the West, and trained at least 350 partners.

The Module’s prescribed burns have improved forest health, enhanced wildlife habitat and protected communities and watersheds on at least 25,000 acres. These projects have specifically benefited imperiled wildlife and plant species such as the mountain plover (Charadrius montanus) and Colorado butterfly plant (Gaura neomexicana ssp. coloradensis).

The Module’s wildland fire assignments have occurred in many parts of Colorado. Their expertise has also been used across the West in incidents such as the Kanuti Fire, where they helped to manage a remote fire in the north tundra of Alaska, and the Wallow Fire in Arizona, where their unique skills helped to protect the communities of Alpine and Luna.

Throughout this work, the Module has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best in the business due to their professionalism and unique mix of both science and fire management experience.


The Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module is working on forest restoration projects throughout the front range near Fort Collins, Denver and Colorado Springs, in southeastern Colorado on JE Canyon Ranch and in Oregon through a partnership with the Oregon chapter of The Nature Conservancy and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module Mission Statement

As the Southern Rockies Fire Use Module we will strive to become a cohesive, safe, adaptable module, rising above any situation and maintaining The Nature Conservancy's integrity beyond reproach. Module members will lead by example while making every effort to exceed all standards and expectations put forth in wildland fire use, prescribed fire, fire adapted ecosystem restoration and community protection.

Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module’s Purpose

The primary purpose of The Nature Conservancy's Southern Rockies Fire Module is to manage and reintroduce wildland fire into fire adapted ecosystems. 

This will be done by creating and maintaining relationships with federal, state, local land management agencies and private land owners using the module's specialized expertise in areas such as fire monitoring, ignition, holding and suppression, prescribed fire preparation and implementation support, community protection through hazard fuels reduction, and fire effects monitoring.

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