Five Things You Can Do

Taking action to protect nature is more important than ever. Are you looking for ways to make a difference? From recycling to driving an electric vehicle, your individual actions matter and lead to a collective impact for nature.

Please check out a few of the suggestions below for ways you can make a difference every day for nature.

  1. USE LESS WATER: Use water-saving devices such as faucet aerators and other low-flow products.
  2. CHOOSE PRODUCTS WISELY: Consider the source of the products you use, select sustainable materials, and consider buying food and products produced locally.
  3. SAVE ENERGY: Use energy-efficient appliances and products, consider using solar power or other renewable energy sources. Drive less, carpool or use public transportation when possible. 
  4. REDUCE, RE-USE & RECYCLE: Reduce the trash you put into landfills by recycling, composting, and drinking from a re-usable water bottle. 
  5. INSPIRE OTHERS TO CARE ABOUT NATURE: Take friends and family to special outdoor places, teach your kids and others to love and care for nature.

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