Three Rivers, One Path: Water for People & Nature

You’ve heard about the Colorado River—one of the nation’s largest, most majestic rivers twisting through much of the West. Its waters provide life and sustenance to each one of us.

But this mighty river doesn’t act alone.

Two Arizona rivers play critical, supporting roles to the mighty Colorado. These local river systems are less celebrated than the Colorado, but they are important to each one of us living in Arizona.

The Verde and San Pedro: Quenching the Thirst of People and Nature Across Arizona

Part of the vast Colorado River system, Arizona’s Verde and San Pedro rivers flow patiently over and under thirsty ground. They wind through grasslands, arid deserts and dense cottonwood forests. In their paths life flourishes—nesting bald eagles, rare reptiles and amphibians, native fish found nowhere else, and people, too.

We all depend on Arizona’s rivers for clean drinking water, recreation, irrigation for the food we eat, and sustenance for our forests, grasslands and wildlife. The Conservancy and our partners are hard at work to make sure these waterways are healthy for generations to come.


Water: It Makes a Village
On Arizona’s Verde River, new automated ditch systems are saving water and bringing neighbors together.

Wild About Water
The Conservancy and Arizona Project WET team up to inspire kids one drop at a time.

Meeting the Needs of People and Nature
Learn why keeping Arizona’s rivers healthy is important to you and me.

The Conservancy at Work
What the Conservancy is doing every day to protect the future of our Arizona waters.


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