Mountain Biking & Nature: Chloe Woodruff’s Passions

This professional mountain biker's love of nature and cycling combine when she rides in her home state wearing a Nature Conservancy jersey.

The Nature Conservancy in Arizona is excited to sponsor nationally ranked mountain biker, Chloe Woodruff, in four Arizona races in 2014. This sponsorship represents a new and exciting way for the Conservancy to engage with young people who care about the outdoors.

Chloe was part of 2012 “Olympic Long Team” which is the pool of athletes being watched for Olympic selection. Two mountain bikers make the team. She has her sights set on the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. sat down with Chloe to find out more about what she values about mountain biking and nature.
Congratulations to Chloe for placing first among women in the Prescott Whiskey Off-Road Race, April 25-27!

How did you get into mountain biking and racing?


I first fell in love with mountain biking during a 7th grade school trip to Moab, Utah. It was my first time riding with friends in a beautiful setting. The trip exposed me to Canyonlands National Park and the desert Southwest, which made a huge impression on me as a kid. I’ve been riding ever since and entered my first race in 10th grade.

I should also mention my twin sister and I used to race each other on our bikes the 3.5 miles to middle school. She was a tough competitor!

What is it that you love about mountain biking?


It’s a great way to connect you to places in the outdoors that you can’t access by road. Mountain biking fulfills my urge to explore and it’s always challenging.

Where are your favorite places in Arizona to ride?


I’m always partial to places where I live. The Wolverton Trail in Prescott is something special. It’s a great connector and part of Prescott’s future Circle Trail. Another favorite of mine is the 50-year Trail in Catalina State Park outside of Tucson. It’s a mountain biker’s playground with incredible views and boulders you can ride up and down.

What inspires you about Arizona’s landscape?


It’s incredibly unique and both rugged and delicate at the same time.

What is it about The Nature Conservancy that inspires you?


We need advocates for places. The Conservancy has a proven track record for conserving important places while simultaneously providing educational opportunities and economic development. I’m also inspired by the Conservancy’s work in our vulnerable and delicate watersheds.

How has cycling shaped you as a person?


Cycling has given me confidence. It also helps me be a balanced person. Biking keeps me active, outdoors and connected with others.

What excites you about partnering with the Conservancy?


I’m thrilled to be partnering with the Conservancy. My parents helped shape a strong water and land conservation ethic in my sister and me from childhood and this partnership brings together two things I care greatly about: conservation and playing outdoors on bikes.

What’s it like to race in your hometown?


I feel like the community is behind me. It’s also a great opportunity to share local trails with out-of-town friends in the place I call home. I’m privileged and excited to call Prescott my new home.

Do you have any race day rituals?


Nope. I’ve developed a day-to-day routine that carries over on race day.

What is your training regimen?


On average, I train 15-18 hours a week. In addition to riding, I do strength training and rehab that includes stretching and massage.


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