Winners of the 2017 Adventures in Nature Student Photo Contest

Ten student photographs are the winners of the 2017 “Adventures in Nature” photo contest. The contest received 1,300 entries this year from around Arizona.

Contest winners will receive cash prizes and have their photos published by the contest sponsors: The Nature Conservancy in Arizona, Arizona Highways magazine and Cox Communications. Winners will also receive a photography workshop from Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.

The contest is intended to connect young people to the outdoors through photography.

1st Place

Griffin Roeger, for “Wild Stallions” taken at Salt River Canyon

2nd Place

Braden Matsuzawa, for “Caterpillar”

3rd Place

Damian Galasso, for “Lightning Flash”

Honorable Mention

Christian Portillo, for “Busy Bee”

Honorable Mention

Zoe Marks, for “Bee”

Honorable Mention

Lucy Song, for “Midnight Beauty”

Honorable Mention

Brian Medrano, for “Mount Lemon”

Honorable Mention

Daniel Tanner Charnstrom, for “Peaceful Reflections”

Honorable Mention

Kayla Sklar, for “The Summit”

Honorable Mention

Atharva Rao, for “Nature’s Creation”