Safeguarding a Future

See what innovative conservation finance makes possible for attaining climate goals -- and on the ground in Alaska’s Copper River Delta.

An aerial view of the eastern edge of Alaska’s Copper River Delta, the focus of an innovative deal that safeguards old-growth forests and major unmined coal reserves – while creating long-term income for the region. 

A 62,000-acre coal deposit is now permanently retired through an innovative conservation finance deal involving Chugach Alaska Corp., New Forests, Native Conservancy Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy in Alaska.

Vast tracts of lush rainforest owned by the Chugach Alaska Corp. will be managed to retain high carbon stocks in in exchange for the opportunity to sell carbon credits to businesses regulated under California’s greenhouse gas pollution reduction program.

The project area in Alaska’s Copper River Delta is home to wildlife such as coastal brown bears, a predator closely tied to healthy runs of wild salmon.

This large-scale forest carbon offset project relies on sophisticated forestry analytics based on thorough field measurements.

Alaska’s Copper River Delta supports a healthy commercial salmon fishing fleet based in the fishing village of Cordova, located 50 miles from the carbon offset project site.

The vast wetlands and nutrient-rich tidal flats of the Copper River Delta make it the single largest migratory stopover for shorebirds on Pacific Coast of North America.

The potential of the Bering River Coal Field was documented well before Alaska’s statehood, as can be seen in this geology map dating to early in the 20th century.

The Chugach and Wrangell mountains that rise above the Copper River Delta have been carved by glaciers.

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The Bering River Coal Field lies on the eastern edge of the Copper River Delta, 50 miles southeast of the thriving fishing village of Cordova.


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