National Moth Week Slideshow

Nature Conservancy ecologist Jeff Lougee paints moth bait on a pitch pine in New Hampshire's Ossipee Pine Barrens.

Moths can have beautiful speckles like this one on a sheet.

Moths can imitate leaves as a method of avoiding predators.

A moth eats bait on pitch pine in New Hampshire's Ossipee Pine Barrens.

With a simple black light and a sheet, you can attract dozens of moth species on your own porch.

See the moth? This waved sphinx moth is easily hidden against an ash tree.

Moths can be colorful, like the orange underwing on this virgin tiger moth.

Be very careful about handling moths. All moths, including this blinded sphinx moth, are very delicate.

Kids love mixing moth bait and painting it on trees. Later, there's more fun in checking the bait stations.

Nothing puts a smile on a kid's face like the act of discovery and science!