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Jeff DeQuattro

Director of Restoration

"I love the Gulf of Mexico," says Jeff. “From alligators in the wetlands and sunsets over the marshes to its salty air and the sight of blue crabs scampering over tidal oyster reefs. I love this place.” Jeff was hired by the Conservancy to manage a $3 million Recovery Act project to restore 1.5 miles of oyster reef at Mobile Bay. Soon thereafter, he found himself leading the Conservancy’s oil spill recovery efforts along Alabama’s coast. His role at the Conservancy was then expanded to encompass other conservation and restoration activities along Alabama’s coast.


Prior to the Conservancy, Jeff worked as an environmental consultant and storm water professional for large industrial clients and developers throughout Alabama. He has also worked as a hazardous and non-hazardous waste broker, which included cleaning contaminated sites and oil spills.

Jeff, who earned a degree in environmental studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz, says life on the Gulf has a "priceless quality that is unmatched in bounty and possibility. It's not appreciated for the natural resources that sustain the livelihoods of not only Gulf Coast residents, but much of the entire country as well. Who would have thought that it would take the largest environmental disaster in United States' history for the Gulf to be recognized for its’ contributions? But hopefully this disaster made us realize that by working together with a sustainable frame of mind, we can achieve a more resilient and more bountiful Gulf of Mexico that will continue to support the quality of life that is our home."


Jeff in the News

Jeff talks with nature.org about the impact of the Gulf oil spill on the occasion of its fourth anniversary.





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