Voices of the Gulf


Matt Campbell: Restoration is Good Business

Engineer works on coastal restoration to support sustainable working communities.

Business and community leaders in the Gulf clearly recognize the important link between a healthy environment and a thriving, resilient economy. Here is one example of a leader working to make a difference in the Gulf.

Matt Campbell is an engineer for Coast & Harbor Engineering, Inc. a full-service consulting firm that has conducted numerous coastal restoration and protection projects along the Gulf Coast. Coast and Harbor Engineering specializes in projects involving shore protection, bank stabilization, habitat restoration, flood control, navigation, dredging, beneficial use of dredged sediments, and modeling of coastal processes.

"Growing up in Louisiana, the Gulf was inseparable in the context of life, culture, and work. Much of my family is from New Orleans and the real threat of the disappearing coast was understood. Stories of floods and hurricanes effects on my family go back many generations. As a coastal engineer, I have had the opportunity to get involved in projects that benefit people across the Gulf Coast. No matter what coastal community I am working in, the direct relationship of the restoration and preservation of the coast and the livelihood of the people who live there is tangible."

"The biggest opportunity that I see in the future of the Gulf coast is the merging of the 'working coast' in its economic development with the restoration of the environment. The correlation has always been there, but the momentum to intentionally combine these efforts has never been greater. One of my favorite places in the Gulf, Grand Isle, Louisiana, is a great example of a working coast. There is a great combination of the working coast, fishing communities, and family that I get from going there."




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