Voices of the Gulf


Doug Robison: Restoration is Good Business

An engineering company is poised to help restore the Gulf.

Business and community leaders in the Gulf clearly recognize the important link between a healthy environment and a thriving, resilient economy. Here is one example of a leader working to make a difference in the Gulf.

Doug Robison is a Senior Vice President at Atkins North America, the largest Florida-based engineering firm in the U.S. which is actively involved in master planning, project design, and implementation of coastal restoration and associated infrastructure projects around the Gulf. He is also an avid sailor and kayaker, and have enjoyed those sports on the waters of Tampa Bay for over 30 years.

"Restoration of the Gulf of Mexico is critical to the economic vitality and ecological sustainability of the Gulf region. Long-term coastal wetland loss, chronic pollution, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill have all adversely impacted Gulf fisheries, recreation, tourism and related economic activity. Funding provided through the RESTORE Act offers an unprecedented generational opportunity for Gulf Coast states and local governments to implement coastal zone projects that promote habitat restoration, water quality improvement, environmental sustainability, and economic resiliency. It is, however, critical that these funds be spent wisely and not squandered on projects that have no connection to ecosystem restoration."

"My favorite place in the Gulf is Tampa Bay. I have built my career in the Tampa Bay area, with a professional focus on coastal habitat restoration and water quality improvement. I have been fortunate to work in a very cohesive local environmental community, and the aggregate effort to restore Tampa Bay have become a national success story. In addition, I am an avid sailor and kayaker, and have enjoyed those sports on the waters of Tampa Bay for over 30 years."



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