Voices of the Gulf


Chris Nelson: Restoration is Good Business

A fourth-generation generation seafood company looks to the future.

Business and community leaders in the Gulf clearly recognize the important link between a healthy environment and a thriving, resilient economy. Here is one example of a leader working to make a difference in the Gulf.

Chris Nelson is vice president of Oyster Procurement, R&D and Governmental Affairs for his family-owned and operated Bon Secour Fisheries, Inc. seafood business in Bon Secour, Alabama along the Gulf of Mexico. Bon Secour Fisheries employs about 100 people in Alabama and processes fresh shrimp and oysters from the Gulf of Mexico.

"The Gulf of Mexico is a very beautiful body of water. It carries a lot of cache, particularly for the shrimp and oysters. It’s an area of production that people respect for the fact that it’s a clean and relatively pristine body of water, so it’s important to me that it stays that way. I’m fourth-generation in the business—it’s a nice legacy to be a part of. I have two children who could one day become the fifth generation in the business, and I would like to leave them a healthy environment."

"I think that we can, with the proper management and environmental restoration, maintain water quality, maintain the quality of life here and maintain the way things look. But my main concern is to be able to have access to the water and the resources, and that they be maintained at a level that will support our business."



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