Protecting America’s Great Swamp Forest

The Nature Conservancy in Louisiana recently launched the Atchafalaya River Basin Initiative Project, which will protect and conserve more than 5,000 acres in the Bayou Sorrel region of the Atchafalaya River Basin, marking the first step in a long-term vision to conserve and restore America’s great swamp forest. Working closely with partners, including Shell Oil and A. Wilbert’s Sons LLC of Plaquemine, The Nature Conservancy’s goal is to preserve and manage the land to benefit the people, forests, wildlife, and waters of the Atchafalaya River Basin. The acquisition will be called the Atchafalaya Basin Preserve.

“We’re humbled by the opportunity to deepen our roots in this incredible area,” said Keith Ouchley, director of The Nature Conservancy in Louisiana. “We’re committed to conserving and restoring this land for the long-term. We have the ability to help the Atchafalaya River Basin thrive for generations to come, ensuring that people of the region and beyond have an opportunity to continue enjoying the many fish and wildlife resources and benefits the Basin provides.”

The Nature Conservancy’s Atchafalaya River Basin Initiative seeks to conserve and restore this region through land stewardship and science-based restoration activities, and will encourage participation and support from public and private stakeholders as the Initiative is developed and implemented. Shell’s $1.6 million contribution helped fund several key components of the initiative, including this land acquisition, helping to make the Atchafalaya Basin Preserve a reality.

Read more about how we’re protecting this amazing piece of American culture and history.

Watch a video about the Atchafalaya and how we’re protecting this river basin.


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