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The Northwest Atlantic Marine Ecoregional Assessment could not have been successfully completed without the active engagement and hard work of many dedicated people. The help from marine practitioners both inside The Nature Conservancy and across state and federal governments, academia, industry and other non-governmental organizations has resulted in a transparent baseline of scientific information that can be used to develop strategies that will help sustain the Northwest Atlantic’s ecosystems and ecological service.

Leadership Team

Jay Odell
Director, The Nature Conservancy's Mid-Atlantic Marine Program
Mr. Odell has spent the last 20 years working to understand, conserve and restore marine biodiversity and ecological processes in Panama, Washington State, New Hampshire and the Mid-Atlantic. Since 2003, he has been helping the Conservancy develop and implement data-driven estuarine and marine restoration and conservation plans, with a current focus on marine spatial planning policy and data development for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Mark Anderson
Director of Conservation Science, The Nature Conservancy’s Eastern U.S. Region
Dr. Anderson provides ecological analysis and develops landscape–scale assessment tools for conservation efforts across eight ecoregions. He has worked as an ecologist for over twenty years and is co-author of the National Vegetation Classification as well as numerous journal articles on biodiversity conservation.

Jennifer Greene
Regional Marine Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy’s Eastern U.S. Region
Ms. Greene has an extensive background in estuarine marine science and restoration and currently provides scientific and technical support for the Northwest Atlantic Ecoregional Marine Assessment. Regionally, she also helps lead in the development of marine spatial planning approaches and the development of metrics for measuring marine conservation success.
Contact Jenn for all general questions related to the Assessment.

Melissa Clark
Spatial Data Manager, The Nature Conservancy’s Eastern U.S. Region
Ms. Clark coordinates the collection, analysis, mapping and distribution of the spatial data for the Northwest Atlantic Ecoregional Marine Assessment. Contact Melissa for technical questions related to the map services or mapping application.