Places We Protect

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Panama is smaller than South Carolina, but it hosts 900 bird species — more than Canada and the U.S.

La Amistad - Bocas del Toro

Biological and cultural diversity characterize this unique marine and coastal region - home to four National Protected Areas as well as sea turtles, manatees, and some of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Darién - San Blas

The only gap in the Pan-American Highway, the remote Darien Biosphere Reserve supports rich biodiversity, two Indigenous Reserves, and spans from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Chiriquí - Azuero

Panama’s Pacific Coast boasts more mangrove forests than anywhere else in Central America. The core zone of this landscape is Coiba National Park which includes Coiba Island, the largest island in the Central America's Pacific Ocean and one of the largest marine parks in the world.
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Alto Chagres

The largest extension of tropical forest in the Panama Canal Watershed, this area supplies a majority of water for Canal operations, and is also a refuge for the largest eagle in the world - the endangered harpy eagle.