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Building a future for Brazil in which conservation and human progress are one and the same.

The largest country in South America, Brazil’s unparalleled natural treasures include not only the dense tropical rainforests of the Amazon, but also the unique arid scrublands of the Caatinga, the extensive grasslands of the Cerrado, and the rapidly disappearing Atlantic Forest.

The Nature Conservancy has been in Brazil since 1988 protecting the lands and water on which all life depends. Our goal is to bring together economic development and the conservation of natural ecosystems, promoting prosperity in local and traditional communities.

We work with more than 180 partners representing local, regional and national governments, private companies, indigenous communities, multilateral institutions, NGOs, academia, rural associations and individuals. With offices in Belém, São Paulo and Brasília, TNC's team has grown to include more than 100 dedicated conservationists across the country.

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Take a deep dive into our initiatives:

Green Blue Water Coalition

We work with the private sector, government and population to increase water security in 12 Brazilian metropolitan regions, restoring and recovering strategic areas for water supply.

From Field to Table

The initiative aims to reduce the impacts of livestock farming on the environment, encouraging the adoption of good agricultural practices and animal welfare.

Forest Cocoa

With the Forest Cocoa initiative, we show that it is possible to combat deforestation while generating income for producers.

Sustainable Soy

We work with the soybean production chain to restore agricultural landscapes and incorporate good practices that improve production without increasing deforestation.

Smart Infrastructure

We seek to avoid, mitigate or compensate for the social and environmental damages caused by investments in infrastructure.

Indigenous Lands

The work that TNC has been developing for more than 20 years with Indigenous Peoples demonstrates that conservation actions can protect biological, cultural and social diversity.


Restoration is an essential component of all TNC strategies, generating innumerable social and climate benefits.

Our Strategies

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We’re working to reduce deforestation and build sustainable prosperity in Brazil.

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We’re working to foster good stewardship and conservation of Brazil’s most vital resource.


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