How We Work

Across Argentina, we are working with people and organizations —farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, public authorities, and citizens—and together we are making progress.

  • Sustainable Practices: We are making sustainable practices and the conservation of lands and water a viable and attractive choice for the grain, beef, and wool industry, and for society in general.
  • Conservation Commitment: We are ensuring that the conservation of nature is considered during major infrastructure project planning.  
  • Public Policy: We are encouraging public policies that will enable and promote positive conservation outcomes and benefits across Argentina.

We are also bringing together SOUND SCIENCE and INNOVATIVE INVESTMENT to support development while conserving and restoring nature and landscapes.


As we hurtle towards a world with nine billion inhabitants, the next decades will be critical for nature and people everywhere. Population growth, urbanization and development are driving global demand for food, water, housing and energy as never before, and the natural world that we all need to live hangs in the balance. 

In Argentina, the situation is no different. Increasing demands for water, food, energy and infrastructure –exacerbated by climate change—are straining the country’s natural resources to their very limits. In the last century, two-thirds of Argentina's native forests have been destroyed. Some  degree of degradation is affecting 80% of Argentina’s arid and semi-arid landscapes, which cover two thirds of the country’s surface.


In the midst of the daunting challenges facing our natural world, The Nature Conservancy is asking a bold question: can we provide enough food, water and energy for our growing population and still protect the diversity of life on our planet?  The Conservancy’s science says, Yes, we can! But success will require significant changes in how we value nature and how we provide the resources people need.  

  • Innovative Practices: We are working with producers in Argentina to encourage the voluntary and widespread implementation of practices aimed at maintaining and restoring the health of lands used for production and development.
  • Tradition of Leadership: No stranger to conservation, Argentina created South America’s first national protected area in 1934 and has a strong and well-established national park system. This pioneering spirit is alive today and will help lead the way to transform and inspire deeper conservation in both publicly and privately owned lands. 
  • Commitment to Future: Working together, we can design a promising future for Argentina, protecting its natural treasure for future generations and ensuring that its fertile lands help to feed a growing world for a long time to come.
Argentina: Where Nature is Vast and Powerful…

This is Argentina –an amazing land that for generations has sustained and nourished us, shaping our lives. We see it in the crops that feed us, in the fibers that clothe us, the energy that warms us, and in the mountains and rivers that inspire us.

Today, we need to build a sustainable future for Argentina and safeguard its irreplaceable natural treasure from the relentless pressures of extraction, production, and development. Together, we can create a way forward. The Nature Conservancy has the experience and the expertise to find solutions. Working with our partners, we can create a future where both the natural world and human communities are thriving.
We are already hard at work—and we are having success! But there is much more to be done. We need your help! Join us on this amazing journey to protect the future of one of the planet’s most precious places—Argentina, a land defined by the vast beauty and powerful potential of nature itself, a land proud of its past and committed to its future.

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