Protecting the Heart of the Atlantic

The Caribbean Sea comprises an area roughly 60% of the size of the contiguous United States. Within these waters lie 37 countries and territories—each with its own unique history and culture but connected by the natural treasures that permeate each island and the vibrant sea they all share.

The Caribbean is one of the world’s most biologically diverse marine regions, with over 13,000 plant species, over 12,000 fish and other marine species and 10% of the world’s coral reefs. The nearly 44 million people who call these islands home depend on the coral reefs, beaches, fisheries and mangroves that sustain their livelihoods, economies and way of life. The fishing and tourism industries provide the basis of local economies throughout the region, and about half of all livelihoods are dependent on marine and coastal resources.

Recent decades have seen a steady decline in the Caribbean’s once healthy and abundant ocean, coral reefs, beaches and fisheries caused by overfishing, unsustainable development, pollution and climate change. For more than 40 years, we have been working to protect the breathtaking beauty that makes the Caribbean the unique paradise that it is and the resources that sustain the millions who live there.

Currently working in 17 countries and territories, we protect and restore the ocean, coasts and coral reefs and apply innovative solutions to strengthen vulnerable communities in the face of climate change. Using a nature-based approach for long-term conservation success, we are working to secure a bright future for the Caribbean where nature and people can thrive.

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