Northern Australia

Home to the world’s largest remaining tropical savanna, this area is threatened by development, unsustainable ranching, fire and invasive species.

Saving a Cultural Landscape

Teaming up to protect over 5 million acres of land in Australia.

Science, Fire and People in Fish River Station

A tradition of burning replenishes the land and reduces the chance of devastating wildfire.


Home to the world’s largest remaining tropical savanna, Northern Australia includes some of our iconic regions – such as the Kimberley and Cape York Peninsula. It’s teeming with life – over 50% of our bird species and around a third of our mammal species can be found here.

Most of the region is blanketed by tropical and sub-tropical savanna, a habitat that used to cover about 12% of our planet. Over time, more than 70% has been lost globally, making it critical that we look after the remaining savanna here in Australia.

But there are some very real threats. Uncontrolled fires, invasive species, poor land management and increasing development pressures have escalated the need for work to be done.

Protecting Australia’s environment means creating healthier, more resilient ecosystems that can benefit both people and wildlife. See how we’re working to conserve this vital habitat through a variety of programs, including our landmark project at Fish River Station.



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