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We've been working in Australia for the past 12 years and have helped to protect 127 million hectares of lands and waters.

Australia is well known for its stunning coastline, coral reefs and unique mammals… but did you know that Australia also has the world’s largest area of tropical savanna, the most intact desert ecosystems and the world’s largest remaining temperate woodland?

It’s one of the unique and diverse landscapes on Earth, which has sustained human life for more than 50,000 years. But Australia’s environment is at risk. Our amazing continent faces increasing challenges from feral animals, weeds, overgrazing, damaging wildfires, increased development and changes to our climate. The natural habitat our unique plants and animals depend on to survive is being destroyed, and climate change is an ever-increasing threat both to our flora and fauna and to us. But it’s not too late.

We’ve developed a suite of large-scale strategies that are shaping Australia’s future.

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Home to the world’s largest remaining tropical savanna, Northern Australia includes some of our iconic regions—such as the Kimberley and Cape York Peninsula.

Australia’s aridlands form one of the most intact desert ecosystems on Earth! This vast area is home to an astonishing number of unique plants and animals including many of Australia’s threatened species.

Southwestern Australia is one of the world’s top 35 biodiversity hotspots and the only one of its kind in Australia. Certain parts of this area, called Gondwana Link, are especially diverse.

Along the southern coast of Australia lie hundreds of bays and estuaries that contain important temperate habitats, including soft corals, seagrass beds and saltmarshes.


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