How We Work

How We Work

To solve big problems, we need big thinking. Our work in Australia addresses the big conversation challenges—like climate change and the almost total loss of shellfish reefs from our southern shorelines—with innovative solutions.

Whether it be protecting savannas in our Northern Landscapes, developing plans for urban forests in our Cities or rebuilding lost ecosystems in our Southern Seascapes, we’re getting things done in the field for the benefit of people and nature.

Where We Work

Explore the locations we work around Australia:

  • Australia’s Northern Tropical Savannas: Fish River Station is a very special place. It’s a vast property in the Northern Territory with exceptionally diverse habitats including savanna woodlands, rainforests and floodplains. Situated alongside the Daly River, it provides sanctuary for many unique animals.
  • Great Southern Seascapes: The temperate southern coast of Australia is home to hundreds of bays and estuaries containing important habitats like shellfish reefs, mangrove forests, seagrass beds and saltmarshes. These places provide vital environmental services that nature and people need to survive–water filtration, fish production and shoreline protection.
  • Murray-Darling Basin: The Murray-Darling Basin is one of the world’s largest and most productive river basins, accounting for $19 billion of agricultural output and providing one third of Australia’s food supply. It harbors some of our most important natural assets, supporting a diverse array of animals, plants and ecosystems of national and international significance. This includes 35 endangered birds and 16 endangered mammals.
  • Western Desert-Martu Country: Martu country in the Western Desert is a place of global conservation significance, rich in biodiversity and cultural value. Spanning an area the size of the state of Alabama, Martu country includes parts of the Great Sandy, Little Sandy and Gibson Deserts.
  • Melbourne: We’re working in conjunction with the global 100 Resilient Cities program, Resilient Melbourne, the Victorian Government, developers, planners, communities and 32 local governments, to develop a comprehensive Urban Forest Strategy for greater metropolitan Melbourne.


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