Cool Burning

The Nature Conservancy is helping over 16,000 teachers educate their students and inspire change.

Education is an important part of our work, particularly when it comes to helping inspire future generations, and supporting new ideas.

One of the collaborations we are most proud of, is our Cool Burning primary and secondary school program with Cool Australia.

Cool Australia coordinates programs to educate young Australians about how to build a sustainable future, so we teamed up with them to develop learning materials and teaching aids about a key conservation tactic for us – the use of fire.

The program explores several topics, including:

  • What’s cool about ‘cool burning’ and how can a fire be cool?
  • How do Indigenous Australians use fire?
  • Why is fire so critical to savannas?
  • What methods do we use today to conserve the lands through fire?
  • What are the other benefits from this type of work (cultural/social/economic outcomes)

This fantastic online resource is already helping over 16,000 teachers educate their students – so they can build their understanding of the cultural, economic and environmental benefits of cool burns in an engaging and fun way. And the program is a great example of why we need nature and why nature needs people too!

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