Amazing Wildlife

Did you know that in Australia, we have over 28,000 native species, and more than 80% of our plant and animal species can’t be found anywhere else on earth – along with most of our freshwater fish and almost half our birds?

If that wasn’t amazing enough, check out these unbelievable Australian animal facts!


Echidnas, like this Short-beaked Echidna, and the Platypus are the only mammals in the world that lay eggs.


Koalas need to sleep up to 23hrs a day because it takes a lot of energy to digest the eucalyptus leaves they eat.


Wombat poop is cube shaped! This helps it mark its territory.

Leafy Seadragon

This Leafy Seadragon’s long snout is actually the mouth which can suck up thousands of prey a day like a vacuum cleaner!

Thorny Devil

Thorny Devils have a false head and can trick their predators by tucking their real head down between their front legs.

Green Tree Frog

The Green Tree Frog doesn’t need to drink as it can absorb moisture through its skin.

Tree Kangaroo

Tree kangaroos have the extraordinary ability to jump to the ground from 18 metres or more without being hurt.