Solomon Islands

Family of Sea Turtle Heroes

Our hawksbill sea turtle satellite tagging program in the Arnavon Islands is made possible through a generous $100,000 gift from a family from St. Louis. Although they prefer to keep their name private, the family agreed to share their story and tell us about their reasons for supporting this work.

"We thought children and adults alike would relate to our Dora’s explorations and the scientists who are exploring how to help hawksbills survive."

What inspires you to protect our natural world, and what got you excited about protecting sea turtles specifically?


Beauty inspires us to protect our natural world. We want all the magnificent creatures and plants and scenery we’ve been privileged to see to be there for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

We’ve seen sea turtles when snorkeling and from the beach and are truly taken aback by their beauty and gracefulness. It seemed an appropriate decision to help protect them.

What was it about this project that got you most excited? 


The most exciting thing about this project is to help scientists gain data that can ensure sea turtle survival. We hope our gift will encourage others to help protect the turtles — and encourage scientists to continue to work for their survival.

As part of your donation, you were given a chance to name one of the sea turtles. Why did you choose the name Dora?


We chose Dora because we wanted to name the turtle after a female explorer, but couldn’t come up with much... We thought children and adults alike would recognize the Dora children’s television program and relate to our Dora’s explorations and the scientists who are exploring how to help hawksbills survive.

How did you involve your family in the decision to support this project, and how do they feel about watching Dora’s travels through the seascapes of the Asia Pacific?


We discussed our family’s history with sea turtles and tortoises and requested everyone’s support. We all agreed that this was a great project for our family to help fund.

The reaction has been good — we’re all curious about Dora’s whereabouts and hope she stays safe from poachers. It’s been quite exciting to follow her travels.

Have you ever seen a sea turtle in the wild or been to this part of the world where they live?


When our children were in elementary school we vacationed in Florida where, through a conservation program, we were able to watch loggerhead sea turtles lay eggs. It was a mesmerizing experience! We’ve also seen sea turtles in Hawaii, the Caribbean and Costa Rica. We traveled to New Zealand recently, and that’s the closest to the Arnavon Islands we’ve ever gotten!

Are there any other thoughts about this project that you’d like to share with other Nature Conservancy supporters?


We have tremendous respect for the professionalism and effectiveness of The Nature Conservancy’s work around the world. I think part of our excitement about the project is that we feel we’re partnering with Nature Conservancy scientists to make progress in the survival of a species, and that is being part of something great!

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