Science for Sea Turtles

Dr. Richard Hamilton

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a marine scientist? Do you imagine diving in the ocean and playing with marine critters? Well the truth may be even better than you’ve imagined.

Meet Dr. Richard Hamilton, the man behind the science that drives our sea turtle conservation efforts. Learn about a day in his life and why you might want to consider a career in marine science.

Welcome to your not-so-standard morning commute.

Share your office with these guys (Oh and save their species while you are at it).

There is a new meaning to the phrase "business casual."

You don't need the corner office to have the best views.

There's a different definition of water cooler chat. Weekend escapades might include climbing a tree to avoid a crocodile and helping a local community protect the forests they depend on.

Did we mention what you are working to protect? Even if you can’t become a marine scientist like Rick, you can still become a sea turtle hero!