Choiseul Generations

Meet Hazel Boseto and the community of Boe Boe

Meet Hazel Boseto. Like many grandmothers around the world, Hazel helps look after her grandchildren and grand-nieces and -nephews.

But Hazel is not just looking out to make sure they are safe, fed and educated today; she also wants to make sure that the resources available to her will continue to sustain her family—and her village—for generations to come.

Hazel and her husband—Rev Leslie Boseto, president of the Lauru Land Conference of Tribal Community in Choiseul—are conservation champions and have spent the better part of their lives trying to share their passion for looking after their marine and forest resources.

This passion led Hazel, her family and their village to work with The Nature Conservancy and a number of other partners to create a 3D model of their community that will help Boe Boe better understand and adapt to the impacts of sea level rise.

Generations of people from Boe Boe came together around their complete model to talk about how their lands and waters have changed over time and plan for the changes still to come.

The community gathered GPS data to georeference the community’s 3D model, helping scientists and community members to make more informed decisions about how to manage the community’s resources.

The model had turned a conventional flat contour map of their area into a 3D, raised-relief model that everyone could see, feel and touch. Young and old alike were able to map their memories onto the model, adding a fourth dimension: time.

The community is now discussing possible adaptation efforts that could help the region’s people adjust to climate change. Join Hazel and her community and become a Sea Turtle Hero.


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