Paddling the Pacific

Take a seat on the Climate Challenger as it embarks on an epic journey to connect island communities struggling with climate change.

The crew of the Climate Challenger saw and experienced a lot of amazing things on the first leg of their voyage around the southern Pacific. For example:
©The Climate Challenger crew

They helped hatch Hawksbill sea turtles in the Arnavon Islands, safely guiding the tiny creatures to the ocean. ©Manuai Matawai/TNC

They performed a traditional Manus dance for the residents of Taro Island in the Solomon Islands province of Choiseul
©The Climate Challenger crew

…And they visited the beautiful village of Kia in the Solomon Islands province of Isabel. ©Bernard Manus

They talked to local communities about the challenges posed by climate change, and how island communities can adapt to rising tides and harsher storms. ©The Climate Challenger crew

They demonstrated how to build effective dry stone seawalls so coastal communities could build defenses against rising waters. ©Manuai Matawai/TNC

And they learned about seaweed farming techniques from communities that are gaining new livelihood opportunities from cultivating the algae. ©The Climate Challenger crew

They braved long stretches of ocean and caught tuna and rainbow runner to restore their energy reserves. ©Richard Pangop

They used satellite communications gear to update the supporters eagerly following their progress on the web. ©The Climate Challenger crew

But the crew found time to let off steam, too, like when they took in culture at The Solomon Islands National Museum in Honiara. ©The Climate Challenger crew

They got a traditional footbath as part of their welcoming initiation to Matsungan Island in Papua New Guinea. ©Manuai Matawai/TNC

They even occasionally found time to relax with a cold brew at sea. ©The Climate Challenger crew

Most importantly, they found time to introduce a new generation to the Manus way of sailing and build new connections between far-flung communities grappling with climate change. ©The Climate Challenger crew

Stay tuned for the second leg of the Climate Challenger’s voyage, happening later this year! And support initiatives like the Climate Challenger throughout Asia-Pacific! ©The Climate Challenger crew


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