Savu Sea: Reefs and Turtle Beaches

What makes marine scientists giddy or nervous? (Venomous snakes are fine, but climate change makes them quake in their diving boots.)

GIDDY: When this overturned coral keeps on living by reversing its growth.

NERVOUS: Seeing this coral patch laid waste due to blast fishing--the result of fishermen trying to catch as many fish as possible before someone else does.

GIDDY: The intense colors and diversity of this coral wall.

GIDDY: When this branching coral exhibits its health and vigor by growing back over the dead portions of branches from its undamaged tips.

NERVOUS: Seeing bleaching, heat-stressed corals.

GIDDY: This magnificent 400 year old Porites coral.

GIDDY: Our hard working fish team who swam enormous distances with each dive.

GIDDY: Finding evidence of nesting hawksbill green and olive ridley sea turtles.

GIDDY: Seeing young coral recruits on top of dead corals. Resilience!

NERVOUS: That coral disease – like the one turning this table coral black – is such a big part of our Savu Sea reef health assessment.

GIDDY: Seeing alternative livelihoods other than fishing, like this seaweed farm.

GIDDY: That these highly venomous snakes are too intent on fishing to pose a threat to us!

GIDDY: Swimming through an eruption of “redhot” cardinalfishes like a spray of incandescent ash from volcanoes that pepper Indonesia.

NERVOUS: Typhoons. But not this typhoon of trevallies that stream past us by the hundred!

GIDDY: Having much more to be giddy about than nervous on this exciting and productive Savu Sea Expedition.


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