Expedition to Raja Ampat

Join two Conservancy scientists on a voyage to one of the world's most incredible marine habitats.

Welcome to Raja Ampat, Indonesia, one of the most beautiful and biodiverse places on Earth.

This string of islands is perhaps the most important marine habitat on the planet.

But it’s equally as important for the region’s people: its fish and resources are necessary for the diets and livelihoods of thousands.

Conservancy scientists Joanne Wilson and Sangeeta Mangubhai are embarking on an expedition to Raja Ampat.

They’ll set sail on the diving vessel Putiraja with a team of coral reef experts and local community members.

Then they’ll spend two weeks studying Raja Ampat’s reefs and determining how to better protect life in the region.

You can join Jo and Sangeeta: they’ll be chronicling their journey live via the Cool Green Science blog. Don’t miss the adventure!


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