Places We Protect


Click this map or browse the projects below to explore our preserves and places we protect in China.

Priority Projects

The Yangtze River
The Yangtze has sustained Chinese civilization for thousands of years and is electrifying its fast-growing economy —  but it faces grave threats.

Pudacuo National Park
China's first national park is revolutionizing conservation.

Sichuan Province Land Trust Reserve
Explore China's biggest, best-supported example of private land conservation.

Liangshan region, Sichuan Province
The Conservancy is using new forests to give a region new hope.

Laojun Mountain
We're helping protect the red sandstone cliffs of Yunnan's Laojun Mountain with a new national park.

Legacy Projects

Dayaoshan National Nature Reserve

Lashi Lake, Northwest Yunnan

Meili Snow Mountain

Northern Gaoligong Mountain Range

Shangri-La Gorge

Songshan National Nature Reserve

Yunnan Forests