Pondering a Panda's Palate

Out of Sichuan Province comes extraordinary visual evidence: pandas do eat meat!

From Sichuan Province, on a piece of land the Conservancy helped establish as China's first land trust reserve, come eye-opening panda photos.

This giant panda, it seems, is sitting down to a dinner that includes meat — a rarity for the largely herbivorous creature.

Here, the panda considers his meal: the carcass of a takin that died of natural causes several days prior.

The takin is a Himalayan goat-antelope species whose range includes the Motianling Land Trust Reserve, as this photo attests.

While giant pandas mainly eat bamboo, they still possess the digestive system of a carnivore and teeth that resemble those of other bear species.

The panda approaches our unmanned photobooth. The jury's still out, but we're pretty sure pandas don't eat cameras.


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